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Thursday, August 31, 2006

She's gone mad.

(Not least because she's talking about herself in the third person.)

I have a grant due tomorrow. And what have I been spending my time on? Knitting baby things so that I can send off a baby care package for my brother by September 12-14ish. A bit of a time crunch, especially since I'd like to send two sweaters, two toys, two pairs of socks/booties, mitts, and a couple of hats. Plus Thujas for my sister-in-law, plus a hat, mitts, and a toy for my other niece. Mad, I tell you.

Or maybe not. Here is toy #1, a Jean Greenhowe duckling, from Knitted Animals:

(All various kinds of acrylic.)

I knit the pieces back in April '05. Yes, that's over 16 months ago. (Note how much looser and more uneven my stitching is.) I was making it as a last-minute gift for a baby shower, and had all the pieces done in a few hours. I even got the body, feet, and wings all sewn together. For some reason, I just didn't finish. I think I got bored. Anyway, I sewed it up last night (took 10 minutes), so it counts as this year's FO :)

As far as baby socks: I have the pair of Mary Janes, and just finished off a pair of baby socks from IK summer '05 issue (these are the XOX socks):

Here they are, standing up. They really need a blocking!

They're done in Knitpicks Palette on size 0 needles. Needles that pointy and yarn that splitty = hated project. That XOX cable sure is cute, though.

A fuzzy size comparison photo. They're actually pretty big, which is good because the babe will wear them awhile, and they can be worn over cotton socks for extra warmth.

Still working on the Trellis (I have the back and one front completed), and have just started a pair of teeny mitts out of the same sky-blue Palette as the socks, with the same XOX pattern. I'm winging it, because how hard could it be to make thumbless mittens? If they turn out ok, I'll post the pattern, such as it is. I'm also thinking of making a matching hat, and the other hat will be made to match the Trellis.

I have no idea what I'm going to make for the second sweater or the second toy, but I do have 12 hours of car-time this weekend, so I'm bringing a bunch of yarn along.

The nominees for toy #2 are:

-Clown fish from World of Knitted Toys
-Frog from Knitted Animals
-Tube doll from a vintage knitting book I have

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At 5:00 PM, Blogger Veronica said...

Those are darn cute! Now I have an idea to make little baby socks out of sock yarn leftovers... aiieee, I don't need more projects, but at least these use leftovers!!

At 3:38 AM, Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

That ducky is soooo cute! I have that book also. Must knit toys soon. You've inspired me!


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