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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Frogging and planning

Alas, I think both the Paris tank top and the Short'n'Sweet will be frogged. I don't like the yarn for the tank top, and while the stuff for Short'n'Sweet is ok, I know I don't have enough, so I'll just wait till my next KnitPicks order and get some Shine.

Before I can get any more yarn, though, I really need to de-stash. I'll be making this cardigan from Garnstudio in some Merino Style, which will clear out quite a few skeins. I need to make that Sweet Mary Jane cardigan, or else a shawl, out of the Shadow. I have 8 balls of Paton's Classic Merino in rich red, and need to make either an Aran sweater or Bristow out of that. I have 4 more skeins of the same stuff in each of pink and green, and I think those will become Tubey.

I also have a bunch of stuff nearly completed. I'm almost finished with the star afghan -- it needs a few more rows and a border, and to be given away (I know a girl from church who would go crazy for it!). I have all the squares ready for a crazy-quilt afghan (all squares crocheted from this book), and need to put them together. I started a pair of Very Tall Socks on the needles from over a year ago! Making those will destash some of my acrylic.
I have a Pasha and a Jean Greenhowe duckling completely made and partially assembled. I have a baby sweater with some Simple Stripes from KnitPicks on the needles as well, and that's probably going to Utah with me tomorrow.

I also have this tremendous stash of a mohair blend yarn that my mom got at a thrift store. I have 16 or 18 skeins, I can't remember, exactly. The label says that a size 36 (my size!) sweater takes 8 skeins, so I have enough for at least two sweaters. Some of it will become Lacey, and the rest will turn into this or this. Or this. And I like the moebus sort of scarf from IK summer '05. So maybe the mohair will turn into Lacey, one of the sweaters, and one of the ponchos. But that will clear out a big Tupperware of yarn!

In a word, I have alot of projects either already started or planned to the point of having yarn for them. I need to finish them -- or, at the very least, some of them -- before I can buy any more yarn! Obviously, with the summer coming up, I'm not about to cast on for Tubey or the other Classic Merino project, and the Very Tall Socks might want to wait, but the rest are quite summer-appropriate.

I also need to make an afghan for my mother-in-law for her birthday in July, so I'll be buying yarn for that. Russell requested a sweater, but I'm not going to worry about it till the fall.

I have a bunch of books on toys, and there are just so many I want to make for my niece! Maybe if I plan right, I can make them for all the church kids (yes, all 15 of them) for Christmas. I'd literally have to start now.

So now of course you're wondering what toy books I have, right? Well, I have the Debbie Bliss Teddy Bears book. I think I'm taking along yarn and that book to start on the Sleepy Teddy in Rabbit Suit for my niece. I also have four Jean Greenhowe books, which are my prized possessions because they're dern hard to find in the states. Look here. You can click on the books to see all the designs in them! I have the Knitted Animals (I've made a duckling, a puppy, two bunnies and an elephant from it), Jemima-Jean and Friends (From which I've made two tiny teddies and a topsy-turvy doll), Scarecrow Family, and Christmas Special (the 28-page version). I love those books. The toys are adorable and they actually come out looking like the pictures!

Sigh. There are just so many projects I want to make!

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At 4:00 PM, Blogger Veronica said...

I know what you mean about having too many projects to do and think about! It seems that the more I knit, the bigger my yarn stash gets -- even though I think that would make it smaller. I'm just trying to deal with what I have now and I'll worry about buying yarn later.

Thanks for the nice comment the other day. Where are you in Chicago? I used to live in the suburbs there.


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