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Monday, August 28, 2006

Origami and productivity

Last night, getting a bit tired of cranking out another Trellis, I couldn't resist anymore and cast on this:

"What the heck IS IT???" you may ask.

Well, this space oddity was, in fact, a cleverly constructed, knit all-in-one-piece baby Mary Jane!

(Note my trademark overly cutesy buttons.)

It's the baby slippers from Adorable Knits for Tots, done in Knitpicks Palette in, obviously, red. I'm pretty certain there is a mistake in the pattern -- she has you knit only a few rows between increasing and decreasing the sole, making the shoe fit only for micro-skis. My gauge is a little off, but not by THAT much, plus she increases that number of rows for the top.

I'm just delighted at the niftiness of the pattern. You cast on and off to shape it, then sew it up, and voila! Baby shoe! Very quick to make, too --about two hours for the pair.

I really need to sit down and fiture out my new camera. It blurs everything. I never, ever had that problem with my old one. Plus this one distorts colors.

Oh, and I'll be very busy and hopeully very prolific in the next two weeks, knittingwise. I'm trying to crank out a sweater, accessory and toy package for Niece #2 before my brother and his family leave the States.

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At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh those are cute. Sometimes I wish I knew someone I could knit baby things for.

I really like the brim on the green hat yesterday. If the recipient doesn't like it, she's crazy.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Cornellian said...

They are sooo cute. I love how things like that look before they're all folded up and made into their intended item.


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