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Friday, April 14, 2006

No real progress real progress to report. I've been busy having a social life, and so haven't done as much knitting as I usually do :)

The teddy bear is still in pieces. I really need to get it done to be shipped off on Monday.

I've been plugging away on the shawl, and recently hit a rough patch with it, where for some reason I'm missing stitches. I don't know where they went, because I don't see any dropped ones, so probably I accidentally knitted some together, because it's easy to do that with this yarn. So I've been improvising, and we'll see how it goes, eh?

I've hit a real snag with the baby sweater. When I made the back, I was knitting at a much looser gauge, apparently. I hadn't learned to pass the yarn over my index and under my pinkie finger yet, so it was very loose. Now, though, I'm knitting alot more tightly -- tighter than gauge, oddly enough, which is strange for me. So I started the front last night, and realized I was knitting so tightly that it was coming out too sizes too small, and too small for my niece. I didn't swatch, because I'd already started knitting the thing months before. So now I need to undo everything and start over, which means it probably won't be ready to send on Monday, but we'll see. I just want to get it DONE at the moment.

The Short'n'Sweet has been stagnating. Still not sure whether I'll finish it or frog it.

I'd really like to start on a couple of other things, but the teddy bear needs to get finished first!


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