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Monday, April 24, 2006

If I had project monogamy...

I'd have an FO for you right now.

I spent all of yesterday knitting. It was wonderful! The last few weeks have been too busy to knit very much, so last night, I plopped down and knit for 7 hours straight, taking a break only to go out to dinner with the Husband.

If I had any sort of project monogamy, I'd have an FO of the baby sweater to show you now. I was halfway through the second sleeve.

Instead, I cast on a Trellis:

That's the completed, shaped back. The yarn is merino wool my parents got me in Greece a while ago. It's a lovely deep rose, and quite soft and sturdy. I thought it was worsted, but it's closer to Aran. I have 4 skeins total, so it'll be just barely enough for the sweater.

My gauge is way too big, so I'm following directions for the 6-month size, with row directions for the 12-month size, and ending up with the desired 18-month size! I could have tried to get better gauge, but I would've ended up with a fabric nearly bulletproof in density.

It's a quick, easy knit. I'm modifying it to have the cables be symmetrical down the center. You can see on the bottom left side where I didn't know how to reverse the twisted stitches.

I finished the second sleeve of the Simple Stripes baby sweater this morning (making myself very late for work, but they knew not to expect me!), so tonight is assembly time!

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