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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Progress and planning

1. The baby sweater has the front, back, and one sleeve completely worked. Remaining is the other sleeve, piecing together, and knitting the neckband. I'm anticipating finishing it within the next week and a half, but only have 30-45 minutes a day to work on it.

2. The shawl is about 12-14 inches long down the center line. I think shawls are about 36 inches long/72 wide, so I'm a third of the way done? It's very slow going, and I haven't worked on it in a while.

3. Short'n'Sweet is about to reach the status of a UFO, as I haven't touched it in weeks.

4. What to cast on next? I have a few projects in mind. I'd really like to finally cast on for the circle cardigan, though I won't be able to wear it for a few months once it's done, since it's in wool. Although Chicago summers can get tricky, so maybe I'll get lucky! I'll also cast on for Lacey, since I can actually wear it over the summer. As a smaller project, a Trellis in yellow Wool-Ease for my niece, and another one in cream Wool-Ease for my brother's new baby. I would have liked to make them in merino, but the washability sister-in-law will have two babies, so handwashing might be a touch difficult.

If I hope to have my mother-in-law's afghan finished in time for her birthday in July, I need to get yarn for it and get crackin'.

First, though, I need to cast on for a lace scarf for my mom for Mother's day, because otherwise it won't get done. I have a couple of stitches in mind, and am just going to wing it...

5. UFOs: Within the next couple of weeks, I expect to pick back up and finish Pasha and the little star afghan. I think they will both be gifts for a little girl at church. Her parents are expecting their second child, and I think that some cuddly gifts will make her feel a bit more secure. Besides, she loves penguins. I'm making a baby blanket for the new baby, so gifts for the big sister will be welcomed.

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