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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fish lips!

Knitting is stressing me out. I planned too many knitted gifts! Really, I should just go and make lip balm and be done with it. Voila -- 15 minutes gives gifts to 8 people!

In terms of what I have planned:
now that I've finished the fish for L's baby, I still need to make him/her a Trellis, and finish the hoodie for J's baby. Although maybe I won't, since they already have toys. I also need to make L warm socks, which will take two evenings.

I also decided I wanted to make socks for my husband's parents and grandparents. Now, these are all Thuja-type worsted-yarn ankle socks, so they won't take much time. Plus I can knit them in the car on the way home for Christmas.

Then there's my dad's vest. That's the biggie. I really would like it done for Christmas so that he can wear it during the winter, but I can give it to him for his birthday (late March), as well. He lives in Atlanta, so it won't be cold enough for a wool vest there, then, but the building he works in is pretty cold. And he can always save it for a colder day, I guess. I did get him an alternate present, just in case :)

Since my mom loves knitted toys, I wanted to make her a big Santa from Jean Greenhowe's Christmas special, and another ornament to go with the one I already made. Those will take time, but I won't see my parents till after Christmas, so I have a few extra days.

I also decided, in my brilliance, to make an Anthropologie-inspired shrug for a kid I used to babysit (she's now 14, and would love it, I think). But if it doesn't happen, frankly, it doesn't happen.

There's something else I'm forgetting.

Anyway, the fish is from McTague's Knitted Toys, and the directions to knit it were awful, but we managed :) Simply Soft, of course.

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At 9:43 AM, Blogger reluctantMANGO said...

SQUEEE! That is such a cute fishie! Looks like I'm adding another book to my library list :)

At 12:54 AM, Blogger Tusa said...

You have just inspired me to do something special for my mother in law. Brilliant!

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Cute turtle and fish. Your soaps sound as though they are good enough to eat. I have entered your name on my contest list too, good luck.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Marietta said...

loving the animals - especially the elephant! must knit more!

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Sus said...

I lurve all your animals!!! And the Cinderella! How awesome! Great job!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I understand the pain of "Homemade gifting burnout" ... why do we do that to ourselves? I'm trying to get down to the wire also. Only 9 pairs of gloves left. That's why I leave off the fingers, hehe.


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