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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No knitting content

Just to let y'all know -- don't expect any crafty content from me until at least next week. I will not be home.

The Orthodox among you: I wish you a blessed Holy Week and pray for your strength. It's beautiful and moving, but also very demanding.

On a sad note, I ran out of yarn for the pajama bear! I need to get more, which will delay the project's being sent out anytime soon. It's already late, though, so I guess my friend won't mind waiting a couple more weeks.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Have a nice trip!

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Hello, again! I was checking out your toys in your flickr badge and came across "russell's blanket". So great! Is it your own pattern? Knit or crochet?


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