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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Law and order

I've developed these slight, but noticeable, calluses on my left hand where the yarn passes over. There's a diagonal callus right above the middle joint on my index finger, right on the underside of the joint of my middle finger, and right above my wedding band on the ring finger. There's also a callus on the side of my left index finger where the needle pokes, and on the pad of my right index finger where I push down on the needles.

I watch alot of TV while I knit. My favorite is Law and Order, especially CI. Although I like all of them.

Anyway, so I keep imagining that if I were to end up dead and found by an insightful detective, and all they'd know about me is that I was a knitter from the calluses on my hands. Hee. Morbid much? Yeah...

On a different note, I joined toe Knitting World Cup, having missed the Knitting Olympics. I'm making the circle cardi from Garnstudio.

Here it is so far:

The yarn is double-stranded Knitpicks Merino Style in Frost, so the color is way off. It's alot more of an electric blue. Very bright.

It's a quick knit so far, and I have a month. What's the challenge? Well, for one, I'll probably be working 60-80 hours per week for the next month. Secondly, I have to finish that scarf, which is SO BORING and slow. And make a matching hat. And make a shrug for my coworker. So, alot to do.

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At 6:58 PM, Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

My best friend just got a repetitive stress injury from knitting!
Wow that is seriously one of the coolest patterns I've seen recently. Good luck!

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Alison B said...

Hi...I love the pattern and want to make this myself....I can't seem to figure out the chart in english (when I printed out the pattern, the English explanations for the pattern diagram didn't show....just " = k", " = p", etc.) Could you help me out? Thanks so much:)

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Dove Knits said...

Alison B -- I had no way of responding to you via email, so I hope you check this!

Basically, the English explanations match up with the symbols from top to bottom. So the top symbol (open square) is K; the next one (x) is P; the third from the top (o) is YO; the fourth from the top (a triangle slanted / this way) is K2Tog; the fifth from the top (triangle slanted \ this way) is slip 1 as to knit, k1, psso; the bottom one (triangle like /\ this) is slip 1 as to knit, k2tog, psso.

Hope that helps.

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Alison B said...

thanks so much! I really appreciate the help! Sorry I forgot to leave my email address...Looking forward to starting this sweater:)
Thanks again!


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