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Monday, May 22, 2006


Ah, I've been so productive this weekend!

First, I finished the crochet baby jacket.

Then, I finished knitting all the pieces to Trellis, wove in the ends, and blocked everything.

Then, I started on Short'n'Sweet in Mainline, and have only 5 more rows to go on the body and the sleeves left to do. And then the end-weaving and the blocking. I love working with Mainline. It'so cuddly-soft!

Then, I found a baby hoodie I started a year ago. I have all the pieces knitted, and all that needs to be done is seaming and edging. It's going to be too small for my niece, but since it's in gender-neutral yellow, it'll work for the new babe.

I think I also found the pieces to Pasha, so I'll be putting that together.

Unless I get really bogged down with work and chores this week, expect to see quite a few FOs in the next week or two! Trellis, baby hoodie, Pasha, Short'n'Sweet, maybe a duckling (I think its pieces were with Pasha's, so since I found Pasha, I probably found the duckling), and stuffed kitty that I need to start for my friend whom I'm meeting up with this weekend. I'm meeting her in Milwaukee, which means a 2-hour bus ride there, and a 2-hour bus ride back, so I'm bringing the second Jaywalker. Between the bus rides and sitting around the hotel while she has her conference, I should get it finished. And the lace shawl...hasn't seen any more progress since I last mentioned it, but I think I'm just going to fake it and finish it up in the next few weeks. So expect maybe 8 smallish FOs. That oughtta keep y'all in suspense!


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