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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Looking forward

Oh, man, the preview of the fall collection from Garnstudio is up.

So I'm going to go into great detail on each model :) Ready? Ok:

A-156: Eh, it's ok. Not something I'd spend on yarn for, but not God-awful, either.
A-157: Cute, but what's the point? Throw on sleeves, and I'd wear it, but it's something I can get at the store.
A-158: Intriguing, but wayyyyy too baggy. Maybe a fitted version?
A-159: See above.
A-160: I like it, but I'd want it less boxy.
DD-002: Not in those colors, but I'd wear it. Maybe won't knit it, though.
DD-003: I like it, but it would be awful on me.
DD-004: Rainbow Vomit!
EE-057: Eh
EE-084: Ugh
EE-085: Ugh!
EE-086: Why, why all the damn vests???
EE-087: What did the perfectly good afghan ever do to them to deserve such butchering???
EE-088: What's with the variegated sleeves? Whu?
EE-089: For a vest, it's less hideous than some others. But that's not saying much.
EE-090: I like the cables, but, seriously, why the variegated sleeves? WHY???
EE-091: I like it. If I didn't know that it would look horrible on me, I'd wear it.
EE-093: Now THAT I'd actually make and wear.
EE-094: On the to-make list, definitely.
EE-095: Potential future project. In fact, a very likely project.
EE-096: Interesting, but there was another one similar in the previous issue.
EE-097: Like the cables, not so much the sweater.
HH-047: No. Not AWFUL, but no.
HH-048: I like the circle cardi I'm making better.
HH-049: You already know my opinion of vests.
HH-050: No, please, no!
M-053: Wouldn't make it.
M-054: UGH!
O-236: I like shrugs, and I like this one, but I wouldn't make it -- too similar to the Paris shrug.
O-271: Ugh
O-272: What's the point? I like the lines of it, though.
OO-054: Not bad, and a possible candidate for using up my mohair.
OO-057: How very Star Wars. I like it, oddly enough. (And, no, I'm not a Star Wars fan.)
U-509: If it were a little less bozy, I'd make it.
U-510: I like it. I'd prefer it with sleeves. However, it is a bit too plain and store-bought looking.
U-511: See above, except not quite as plain and store-bought looking. Might make it, with sleeves.
U-512: Might make it.
U-513: Might make it, without the cuff and collar ruffles (oddly, the front ruffle doesn't bother me!).
U-514: Eh.
U-516: I like it. I liked it in Happy Hooker, though, too.
U-517: No...
V-024: No!
V-032: What the hell IS that?
V-033, V-034: UGH!
V-035: Oddly, I like it. Wouldn't make it, but it doesn't make me reach for the bleach, either.
V-036: Seriously, people. Enough with the ugly.
WW-016: Blech.
WW-017: Why so long?
X-308: I like it, but not a definite to-make thing.
X-309: Cute, but too boxy.
X-310: Eh, too boxy.
X-311: Um, yeah, no.
Z-222: I'm intrigued! I might have to make it...
Z-221: I like it. Clean, simple, classic. I might need to make it, despite the store-bought look.
Z-223: A vest even I'd consider.
Z-224: Not bad, but I'm a sucker for a nice cable. Maybe.
Z-225: Not bad, but I'd rather make EE-094.
Z-226: Not bad, might make it, even as a vest.
Z-227: The length ruins it.
Z-229: Cute.
Z-230: Cute, but wouldn't look good on me.
Z-249: Eh.

REgarding the rest of the patterns -- what's with all the identical crocheted slippers? I like some of the scarves (the scarf in Z-231 and E-101) and none of the hats, and the shoulder capelets (EE-099) are nice, too, even though I hate ponchos. I like the bags, and the shawl (Z-232) is lovely. I like the neckwarmers, especially Z-240, Z-238, and X-312. I like the socks, too, but it's hard to screw up socks...

And there you have it -- Dove's view on the new Garnstudio catalog!



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