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Thursday, January 10, 2008

No pictures post

You may as well skip ;)

I realized that it's almost halfway through January, and I haven't even talked about my yarny goals for the year, nor reviewed the year that passed. How embarrassing!

2007 was a hard year for me personally. I struggled with literally crippling anxiety for most of it, and I'm still shaking off the last of that. But knitting-wise, it's been a great one, and that's what we're focusing on here, no?

2007 saw:

-30 projects, which is alot less than last year, but I refused to knit if it wasn't enjoyable or became stressful. Of these, there were 13 baby/toddler items; 7 toys; 2 blankets; 1 bag; a gorgeous shawl; two clothing items for me; 2 pairs of socks; the completion of 4 previously-languishing projects; and two men's sweaters, both of them original designs.

-The Rona Lace shawl, which remains one of my all-time favorite knit. And others', too! It's been favorited 147 times on Ravelry!

-A break with patterns! As in, after a while, I just stopped using them. I designed a vest for my dad; a sweater for Husband; and several knits for babies and toddlers. Most of these, sadly, never got written up, but that's what 2008 is for, right?

-Lots of stash knitting, and not a whole lot of yarn-buying!

My favorite projects are hard to pick. Besides the nativity scene, Lucky, and the baby dresses, I loved everything I made -- really! But Rona and Husband's sweater are definitely up there.

In 2008, I hope to:

-Finish Burridge Lake by April.

-Finish Debbie Bliss's Pajama Teddy by late March.

-Make Mom's lacy jacket by Mother's Day.

-Finish my Lucky and the Mystery Stole 3 from 2007, and Irving Park socks and Circle cardi from years past. (Can you tell I have alot of finishing to do?)

-Buy no yarn (you heard me) until June. I broke that rule yesterday -- more on that later -- but otherwise, no yarn. We might have a cross-country move this summer, so I'm trying to keep the clutter as low as possible. Plus, it'd save me money to buy nicer yarn later, right? Good thing I have so many projects to finish, eh?

-Do more original designs! As original as mine are, I guess, which isn't very, but still. I love doing things free-hand.

-Write up more of my originals to learn basic pattern-writing, and include different sizes.

-Submit a pattern for publication. If it gets rejected, that's fine.

-Start a quilt!

So, what are your goals?

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At 8:36 PM, Blogger Family W said...

wow that lace shawl is awesome!! great work!

At 6:38 AM, Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Good luck with your goals. Mine include knitting/selling/using my stash more and buying less, very simple (in theory)!


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