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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guess and win!

Yes, yes, I've been AWOL. Hopefully this will make you judge me less harshly!

We've set the date for our ultrasound for February 5th, 2 weeks from today. At this ultrasound, we will hopefully see a healthy baby, and find out the sex.

So place your guesses here! Am I having a boy or a girl? Will I need to knit the viking hat with braids or without? (And believe me, I'll be knitting one of them!)


I will choose a random winner from amongst those who guessed correctly. Winner will be announced on the 6th (hopefully), and will receive a $20 gift card (new knitting books, anyone?).

In the case that the baby's shy, I'll just pick a random winner from amongst everyone who enters with a guess!

Important EDIT: Please, please, please leave me some sort of way of contacting you. A blog where I can comment, an email, a Ravelry ID, something. I won't spend valuable knitting time tracking you down, sorry!